Savoring Coffee, Saving Hearts


We develop relationships and partnerships to ensure that farming practices are sustainable and fair, creating Direct-Trade Relationships to do what is best for growers and the coffee communities.    

Support Local Farms

Coffee grounds and burlap sacks are donated to local farmers. The coffee grounds are used as fertilizer and compost. The burlap sacks are use for starts for new plants.

Environmentally Conscious

Our roaster uses an afterburner to greatly reduce emissions and odors from coffee roasting equipment. In return, less fuel is used and eliminates fine particulate to help reduce our environmental footprint.  We are eco-friendly, and committed to helping Utah’s air quality.


AH-AMAZING! We've been drinking this incredible OMB Thatcher coffee and loving it. Seriously though, I drink coffee black so the fact that there is no bitter - insanely cool! It tastes like French press or pour-over coffee from a coffee machine. I don't know what kind of magical sorcery this is, but I'm into it.


Amber S, SLC, Utah

DELICIOUS! Love being able to help families that have gone through Congenital Heart Defect health issues brighten their future.

Taya, Cardiovascular RN

OMB COFFEE is an amazing way to start my day. THATCHER has an amazing bold flavor. I can still use it with my Keurig by using the reusable K pod. Knowing I'm helping HEART WARRIORS with every brew is the BEST. I am excited to try the other OMB coffees.

Jill, Riverton UT

Love the cause! It's the first time I have drank coffee without adding creamer. I really enjoyed the taste of the Hawkins blend. Yum!!

Shelly M, Seattle WA

Fantastic flavor! I love the Everitt blend. Thank you for helping bring awareness to CHD. We love our heart heroes.

Samantha J, Phoenix AZ