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Hawkins Medium

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Medium-bodied, smooth nutty flavor, buttery feel with a sweet aftertaste.  The Hawkins blend has the balance and precision of a fine surgeon.


South America (100% Arabica)


Dr. HAWKINS, MD is named after the skilled surgeon that operated on our son Thatcher at seven months old.

He operated on a heart as small as a strawberry with a hole the size of a nickel. Tetralogy of Fallot has four major defects within the structure of the heart. Dr. Hawkins was always available during our week-long stay in Cardiac ICU, ICU, and the floor. I am not sure he ever left the hospital. He was very talented and confident and kind to us during the first years of our son's life. Dr. Hawkins tragically passed away from pancreatic cancer a few years after we met him and we were devastated that he spent so much of the time he had with patients and at the hospital instead of with his family. We are forever grateful for the time and energy he spent in having the education and experience to successfully operate on our son and so many of our friends to give them a better quality of life.


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