Savoring Coffee, Saving Hearts

Hero Decaf

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A great balanced brew without the caffeine that provides a sweet aftertaste to bring out the HERO in you. 


Colombian: Region of Cauca. Huila and Tolima.


HERO is named after the children who deal with congenital heart defects and the trials and tribulations that come with it.

These children, (young adults and adults- thank you modern medicine!) have bravely been through physical, emotional, and mental hell. Their siblings went without to make sure they were healthy and free of germs while waiting for surgery or waiting to recover. Their parents worked several jobs and dropped relationships in order to be there to support them in ways most families would not understand. These families have been through emotional, physical, mental, and financial extreme hardships often for years at a time. We salute these siblings, parents, grandparents and named this product after them. Our hope in the future is to have enough income from our products that we are able to offer scholarships to these “secondary heroes” to change their futures for the better.


From your support OMB donates to our Heart Partners.