Savoring Coffee, Saving Hearts


Involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a filter.  The water drains and filters into a container or coffee mug. 

An automatic process that is simple, low-cost, and popular way to brew coffee. The coffee maker will pump water to the coffee grounds, filters into the coffee pot, and keeps it hot.

Pros: Easy setup, control the number of cups, control brew strength, auto program to run when needed, keeps the pot of coffee warm, great for beginners, lots of options depending on the machine.

Cons: Not ideal for small brews, paper filters strain out most of the oils that can affect the flavor, longer the coffee sits on the warmer the more it can affect its taste.

Bean Grind: Medium

There are many pour over brewing options to learn about in our "Dripping Methods" section: Auto-Drip Machines, Chemex, Pour-Overs, and Percolators