Savoring Coffee, Saving Hearts


This brewing process uses hotter water combined with a higher pressure to extract more of the flavor of the beans.

Espresso tastes very strong, thick, and creamy with a sweet tone.  In some situations, can have a bitter taste.  It’s a delicious way to enjoy coffee with the same caffeine benefits as a large cup of coffee for the size of a shot glass.

The espresso machine works by pushing highly pressurized hot water through the coffee rounds that have been tightly packed into a portafilter. 

Pros: Requires fewer beans, same amount of caffeine in a much smaller volume, excellent strong espresso, control over the brewing process.

Cons: Complex and expensive machine, special grinder needed, time to make, difficult to make.

Bean Grind: Fine

There are many pressure options to learn about in our "Pressure Methods" section: Aeropress, Expresso, and Single Serve POD Machines