Savoring Coffee, Saving Hearts


This brewing process uses hotter water combined with a higher pressure to extract more of the flavor of the beans.

Coffee in pods doesn’t necessarily equate to bad coffee. A very time-efficient and easy way to produce a cup of coffee. This pressure method doesn’t require you to buy or grind coffee beans. To brew insert a pre-packed coffee capsule, add water, and hit the start button.

Reusable coffee filters are available, so you can utilize freshly roasted OMB coffee.

Pros: Super-fast, easy to use, most models use very little counter space.

Cons: Pods can be expensive, not very customizable, environmental impact, cleaning.

Bean Grind: Pre-packed pods or Fine grounds

There are many pressure options to learn about in our "Pressure Methods" section: Aeropress, Expresso, and Single Serve POD Machines