Savoring Coffee, Saving Hearts


It’s the same experience as brewing tea bags.  This method uses coffee grounds inside of a pouch, pour boiling water into a coffee cup and immerse for four or five minutes, remove the bag, and enjoy.

Pros: Easy to brew, low cost.

Cons: Quality isn’t as high, less flavorful.

Bean Grind: Medium Fine


Cold brew uses coarse ground coffee beans, submerged in room temperature water (never heated), and brew for up to 24 hours depending on how strong you like your coffee.

Pros: Low acidity, sweeter, easy to brew, stronger flavor, uses more coffee than most methods.

Cons: Length of time to brew.

Bean Grind: Coarse


Produces a pure, rich, and textured coffee while producing several cups at once.  Pour boiling water into the container, let the coffee grinds steep for up to four minutes, and then filter the coffee with the mesh filter and plunger.  

Pros: Easy to brew, produces multiple cups at once, strong flavor.

Cons: Consistency of coffee, not very portable, possibility of sediment in your coffee cup.

Bean Grind: Medium Coarse


Invented in the 1840s in Germany. Add coffee grounds to the upper vessel and vapor pressure forces hot water up to immerse. Once the heat is removed gravity brings the coffee through a filter into the bottom vessel.

Pros: Impressive experience, produces smooth, clear, flavorful coffee, fun to brew.

Cons: Very complicated, expensive equipment, difficult to clean.

Bean Grind: Medium Coarse